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Om Nom Nom by FoxRonyo Om Nom Nom :iconfoxronyo:FoxRonyo 91 14 Gendo Ikari Cosplay by FoxRonyo Gendo Ikari Cosplay :iconfoxronyo:FoxRonyo 0 1 Shocked Flynn Avatar by FoxRonyo Shocked Flynn Avatar :iconfoxronyo:FoxRonyo 1 0 Nervous Flynn Avatar by FoxRonyo Nervous Flynn Avatar :iconfoxronyo:FoxRonyo 1 0 Happy Flynn Avatar by FoxRonyo Happy Flynn Avatar :iconfoxronyo:FoxRonyo 0 0 Crazy Flynn Avatar by FoxRonyo Crazy Flynn Avatar :iconfoxronyo:FoxRonyo 0 0 Flynn Avatar by FoxRonyo Flynn Avatar :iconfoxronyo:FoxRonyo 0 0
You Left
You Left
Please tell why you left me,
Please tell me what I did;
What is it that I've done to you,
Your answer's what I bid
Perhaps it was that New Year's party,
When that girl you know kissed me;
I understand it hurt you so,
That's why you had to flee
The guilt I feel has caused my heart,
To decend from my chest;
It now resides within my gut,
The beating never rests
So now you've gone and left me,
Sitting all alone;
I feel like the king of a lost empire,
Sat lonely on his throne
What can I do to prove myself,
To show I'm not worthless;
I will do whatever it takes,
I am at your behest
All you've asked is to be left alone,
I can't believe that's all;
I insist I'll give you anything,
My persistence, my pitfall
You left me, I can't blame you,
I can only blame myself;
Your love for me sits in a box,
Sat lonely on a shelf
Copyright © Ben Parker 27/12/06
:iconfoxronyo:FoxRonyo 0 0
All A Dream
All A Dream
All I can recall of you,
The colour of your hair;
As it shimmered in the morning sun,
I lost all will to care
I'm lying here, trying to picture,
That look upon you face;
As we danced upon the lawn,
You were so full of grace
Your eyes were large,
I felt that all was well;
In those dark pools, I was hypnotised,
And caught under your spell
We'd walk and talk, and talk and walk,
And hold each other's hand;
Forever we would be together,
It seemed our life was planned
Then all turns white, I'm back in my room,
Staring at a picture frame;
Inside's a photo of that day,
It was all a dream
I reach for the phone and begin to dial,
To give you a call;
Then I remember that you're gone,
There'll be no answer at all
Why was it that you were taken from me?
Where have you gone from here?
Why can't I go with you?
To always keep you near
I start to cry and realise,
That nothing's what it seems;
All I have that's left of you,
Are felt within my dreams
Copyright © Ben Parker 27/02/0
:iconfoxronyo:FoxRonyo 0 0
Your Time Has Come
Your Time Has Come
The time has come,
The boatman said,
For you to leave this place.
Pick yourself up,
And come with me,
We must move with haste.
We soldiered on,
Through tunnels long,
Deep beneath the soil.
To where murderers forever die,
Rapist forever sodimised,
And workers forever toil.
'I can't stay here',
I told the boatman,
'I have done nothing like these'.
'Fear not' he whispered,
'To be punished, you are not',
And handed me gate keys.
'You are now their keeper,
In this damned land,
To watch their every move.
When you belong,
You will move on,
Your worth, you must prove!'
Copyright © Ben Parker 26/12/06
:iconfoxronyo:FoxRonyo 0 1
Fade To Black
Fade To Black
Long forgotten empires,
Are marching off to war;
Their enemy, they've never seen,
Yet they hate them to their core
As bodies fall and blood is spilt,
There is no turning back;
As hatred pushes you to war,
The world shall fade to black
Arriving at the battle-plain,
The scouts survey the land;
As troops move up unto the front,
This battle's gone unplanned
The signal for the charge does sound,
Men leap into the fray;
As each blow struck comes back around,
Hundreds die by the day
What is it that man wants, you ask,
What pushes him to extremes;
The truth, I fear, is that it's lost,
In the wail of dying screams
As the last man dies, this place returns,
To the tranquility of peace;
The only sound is of scavengers,
Devouring their gorey feast
Is it done, now all are dead,
Has the war come to an end?
This dispute is far from over,
Both sides will try again
Copyright © Ben Parker 27/02/07
:iconfoxronyo:FoxRonyo 0 0
My head is filled with a constant din,
The noise of the world,
Won't let it in!
Why won't this crap just leave me alone?
Is it a mirror,
Or my perfect clone?
My time is short,
No time to waste,
No longer can I stand this place.
I'll end it all,
Of that you can be sure.
I swear that I will take no more.
No more din,
From word of mouth,
No more noise,
I'm heading south.
Where I can not be bothered,
Where I can sleep sound.
Surrounded by wood,
Six feet underground.
I will not hear,
You will not hear me.
And finally,
I will be free.
From all the crap,
From mouth and from arse,
That people squeeze out
On others, as they pass.
So come save yourselves,
You too can be free.
It doesn't take long,
Come join me.
:iconfoxronyo:FoxRonyo 0 0
I don't care what you say,
I will walk my own way,
On my own, if I may,
Please don't stay, GO AWAY!!!
There is no reasoning,
With idiocity;
There can't be purpose,
Without practicality;
Deception of the species,
You're talking shi- FAECES!
I will not conform,
To your 'perfect';
I will not conform,
To your precept;
Deception of the species,
You're talking shi- FAECES!
Feed, do not lose resolve,
To  your weardown;
I have just broken free,
Can't hold me down;
You're talking shi- FAECES!
Eternity of undeath,
No longer sounds amusing;
I've long outstayed my welcome,
And now, the world tries to shake my strain;
Many have come hunting,
Attempting now to slay me
:iconfoxronyo:FoxRonyo 0 0
Noctem Aeturnus
Noctem Aeturnus
Derelict now, an ancient glory,
Stands alone in a dark place;
Shining out through the night,
These dark, stone walls tell a story
Of days as dark, as they are old,
Of how mankind once had to fight;
Against creatures of dark intent,
Who walk forth with chill and cold
Delved into our darkest dreams,
An unseen attack we can't prevent;
This sanctuary stands as a monument,
Entombing our lingering screams
It was once loud, with ringing bells,
Silenced now, an ill portent;
A place of worship, now of death,
And creatures from the deepest hells
Ill omens of desolation,
That steal away your waking breath;
Crypts once empty, writhe with rats,
Upon holy ground, a desolation
I will on corpses freshly,
Under a screen of leathery bats;
Our sacred souls have thus been lost,
And to the Netherworld hurried
Lost to oblivion, their damned existence,
From the true path they were tossed;
And now their judgement, they must face,
Eternal damnation, their penance
:iconfoxronyo:FoxRonyo 0 0
Daemon Sword
Daemon Sword
Look at me, slung on the wall,
My keen-edged blade and gilded hilt;
You've made the first step to your fall,
I'll control you, feel no guilt
Hold me now, in thy strong hands,
And swing me as test;
Feel my edge that doth bite man,
I am the slayer of the best
The second action you just made,
Was your second mistake;
My hidden form is not displayed,
A third step you won't take
Feel your body, lose your mind,
As I control you now;
My releaser, thou shalt find,
Seeds of discord, you wilt sow
:iconfoxronyo:FoxRonyo 0 0
Upon dark wings again I'll fly,
From my dark roost, through places high,
Across the black and storm choked sky,
Like a blasphemous scourge beast.
In Hell ...
With razor claws, I instill fear,
The air turns chilled when I am near,
I'll rend from you, what you hold dear,
A sacrificial blood-soaked feast.
In Hell ...
I walk these lands with torment's guise,
I am the beast they all despise,
I bring darkness to their lives,
My reign of terror shall never cease.
In Hell ...
But now I must hide away,
The sunrise heralds a new day,
The sunlight means I cannot stay,
Wait for my power to increase.
In Hell ...
:iconfoxronyo:FoxRonyo 0 1


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First, allow me to introduce myself. It's my first journal entry, so it's only polite.

I am FoxRonyo, as as you may have guessed, I am part-fox (in nature, at least). I find that possessing this alternate identity for use online makes it easier to meet people because it allows you to interact based on personality, as opposed to looks, as is the usual way.

Those who read my list of likes and dislikes will see that I am an anime/manga fanatic, and I was glad to see alot of fellow fans on DeviantArt. I enjoy drawing, but not to the extent that many seem to. Mostly foxes ... who woulda guessed?

Anyway, my current computer situation leaves me having to use the local library for general chat, sending e-mail, etc. This being the case, I am yet to upload any of my work. Despite this upcoming period of no art, I hope that some will return once it has been uploaded, and that it will be liked. About 5 seconds sounds fair, doesn't it?

So concludes my intro/explanation-for-lack-of-art. I hope that my work will be available for uploading soon.


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Current Residence: In my hole, plotting against the upper class
Favourite genre of music: What I likes, I listen to. Usually its Gothic
Favourite photographer: Anyone with a camera
Favourite style of art: Anime/manga
Operating System: XP. But don't worry it a crack from LimeWire
MP3 player of choice: Media Player. If it ain't broke ...
Shell of choice: Probably egg
Wallpaper of choice: The sort you put on walls
Skin of choice: Mine. It's tight, but stops my organs falling out
Favourite cartoon character: Homer Simpson. That guy cracks me up
Personal Quote: Be it on the heads of those who cross me, for soon they shall have none.


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